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We manage the procurement process by:

  • Thoroughly evaluating all product options and specifications for characteristics such as reliability, craftsmanship, durability, shipping costs, and brand standards

  • Purchasing the right items at the right price and in the right quantity

  • Ensuring that every order is delivered to the proper location on the scheduled date

  • Coordinating relationships – and negotiations – with vendors as well as with the franchisor

  • Using sophisticated computer software to track every order and every item – and to keep the entire project within schedule and budget

Our design is for guests, but our procurement is for owners. Notice we said “procurement” not “purchasing.”

Procurement is how we acquire all the goods and services that are vital to an FF&E project.

It includes establishing product requirements; choosing the proper products; evaluating and selecting vendors; negotiating contracts; establishing payment terms; and tracking production and delivery of orders.

Purchasing refers to the ordering and buying of things -- it is only one small part of procurement.

We purchase millions of dollars in products every year, so we have strong buying power with some of the industry’s most established, most recognized, and most respected brands.

Our buying power becomes your buying power. We can often extend your original budget by 10% to 20% -- plus we reduce your headaches and sleepless nights. A lot.

For example, our credit approval is easy -- and you are assigned a specific customer service agent who provides answers and expedites solutions throughout the FF&E project.

You have less hassles and more accountability. You save time and money.

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