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We serve you from offices in Franklin, Tennessee – a suburb of Nashville – and Griffin, Georgia – a suburb of Atlanta. And at our showroom in Griffin, you can meet conveniently with our designers and purchasing professionals.

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We are a preferred vendor for leading hotel brands such as Hilton, IHG, and Choice because we do business in a preferred way – in a way that’s unmatched by any other FF&E company.

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Since 2003, we have been creative thinkers, innovative solutions seekers, and above all, ethical decision-makers for some of the leading owners and management companies in the hospitality industry.

Every FF&E company says it is different and every FF&E company promises results. So what sets us apart?

Here are two examples of how we are very different -- and how we really deliver on our promises.

  • When you ask for a budget estimate, you want a realistic dollar amount.

    However, many companies use formulas to generate their estimates and their orders. That means when products such as carpeting arrive on site, there is usually more than you actually need. You end up with remnant material that you have paid for but can’t use.

    In contrast, our estimates and our orders are based on real measurements. That means more accuracy and less waste -- and that saves you money


  • When you select a product, you want the highest quality, best price, and low transportation costs.

    However, many companies automatically place orders with the same vendors over and over.

    In contrast, we are not just order takers -- we are order thinkers. Yes, we have preferred vendors who have proved themselves, but we use different vendors for different projects based on who is right for your specific situation.

    In short, we “value engineer” orders as needed or required. For example, when you select a certain style of chair, we carefully determine which manufacturer can provide the highest quality at the lowest cost.

    We follow this customized procedure with every product on every order for every hotel. That saves you money -- often thousands of dollars.

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