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Our certified interior designers work with you to create wall-to-wall “WOW” in guest rooms as well as public areas by:

  • Analyzing floor plans and architectural drawings

  • Solving space-planning and building code issues

  • Visiting your hotel site to ensure that all design elements work together

  • Selecting the most effective mix of colors, fabrics, furniture, lighting, and accessories

  • Developing a detailed cost estimate, order procedure, and delivery schedule


Design defines your hotel – for style and for success.

We start with your brand specifications, your location, and your budget. We also consider your tastes and your values.

Then we stop at nothing less than your complete satisfaction.
When your hotel looks special, your guests feel special.

That’s how you win the battle for higher guest satisfaction scores. Higher repeat bookings. Higher rates. And especially higher profits.

Our rooms are anything but square. Sometimes they’re more traditional, sometimes more trendy – but they always blend an uptown look with down home comfort.

And remember that the sooner you can involve us in your architectural and construction deliberations, the more cost-effective we can be with our design recommendations.

We enrich the guest experience, so you can enrich your bottom line today – and maximize your property value for the long-term.

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