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Our installation personnel feature a wide variety of skills and trades -- and years of experience at commercial building sites. Many of them have certification or advanced training in specialty crafts to:

  • Make sure all installation is done in a way that enhances product performance and maintains the integrity of manufacturer warranties

  • Identify any last minute problems and help facilitate decisions between the project manager and the hotel manager or owner

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While we manage large projects, we pay attention to small details -- because in our business, like yours, doing the little things properly makes a big difference.

This is especially true with the installation of such items as carpeting, wallpaper, draperies, and electronic equipment.

If these products aren’t properly installed according to manufacturer specifications, you probably won’t get the best usage and wear -- and the warranty may become void.

Poor installation can potentially even create a hazard for guests -- and that exposes you to legal liability.

Our specially-trained crews have mastered the science of installation -- and the art of getting every item right. They have technical expertise, but as importantly, they have a thoughtful and thorough approach. They pay attention and they anticipate.

Nothing is left to chance.

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